In 1987:Formed Mahaveer Co-op. Credit Society Ltd. (Credit Union) at the age og 20 The then youngest Founder-Chairman from India in Co-op, movement.

In 1991:Formed Kolhapur District Co-op.Credit Socities Federation District level Federation, having 1200 member societies.(CU)

In 1994:Become a 'Director' of- Maharashtra State Co.op Credite Sociteies Federation Ltd.(MAFCACO) State level Apex Organisation of Credit Societies.(CU)

In 1997:Become a 'Vice-President'of Maharashtra State Co.op Credit Societies Federation Ltd.

In 2000:Become a "President of Maharashtra State Co.op Credit Societies Federation Ltd." Federal body of 28000 Co-op Credit Societies Having 21 million individuals Members

In 2003 Formed a unique and first of its kind Co-operative corporation named, Maharashtra State Co-op. Credit Societies Deposit Guarantee Corporation Ltd.(DGC) for protection and gurantee to individual Depositor.

Collected Rs.100 crores(22 Million US $) as a share Capital for this corporation within 3 months.

Since 2006:Formed and headed it as President of National Association of Credit Societies & Federation in India & stated upgrading union of all Co-op. Credit Societies for better functioning.(NACCFED-India) National Appex of 60,000 co-op credit societies having 43 million individuals Membes.

Conferences and Workshops In 1994 as a President of District level Federation. a) Organized State level conferance at'Shirdi-Maharashtra' attended by 4250 Co-op, leaders from the State. In 2002 asPresident of 'State Federation'

b)Organised National level 'Mega Conference' jointly with Co-op. Department of Goverment, Association of Asian Confederation of Credit Union-Bangkok at Pune attended by 24000 Co-op, leaders from all over India.

c)Organised State level 'Mega Conference' jointly with Co-op. Department of Government, at Pune attended by 12000 Co-op, leaders.

d)Since 2002 as aPresident of State Federaton organized 72 'District level Conferances & Workshops / 23 'Regional level of Conferances & Workshops for Chairman, Bord of Directors and CEO's of Credit Societies.

Other Responsibilities

Member in Goverment Committee Formed for Audit classification norms for credit Societies.
Member in Gonernment Committee formed for Control and Regulation of "State Co-op. Union" Apex Training Institute formed in 1934.

International Representation Participated and submitted paper in international Co-op conferances of -Thailand(2005) -U.S.A(California)(2006) -Colombo Shri-Lanka(2006) -Dhaka (Bangladesh)((2008) -Represented Marawari Yuva Manch at Rana convention at New York.(2006)

'Founder Chief Patron' of *Jain International Trade Organation" (JITO) & Chairman of South Maharashtra Chapter

Vice President of Kolhapur Chamber of Commerce and Industries(KCCI)

Maharashtra Rajya Vapari Mahasangh.

OTHER ACTIVITES AND ACHIVEMENTS IN CO-OP MOVEMENT Prepared Model bye-laws for co-op.Credit Societies(CU),which were accepted by Government as it is and made it mandatory to all Societies (CU) in the Maharashtra State.

Editor of the monthly Magazine-Maharashtra Co-op. Credit News.

Author of following books for Co-op Sector
a) Legal ways of Loan Recovery
b) Provisioning for IM.P.A.
c) Guidelines for Credit Societies(CU)
d) Procedure and Management of meetings of Co-op, Societies.

a) Disha a Reference book of Credit Societies
b) Diary-2005 Year-Book along-with reference book

Training Activities
a) Co-ordinating 14 Training Centers across the State run by MAFCOCS.
b) Guest faculty for subject of-
i) Provisioning for Prudential Norms
ii) Ideal Management of Credit Societies
ii) Importance of Protection of Depositors
iv) Modernzation of Credit Societies.

Guest faculty at 'YASHADA,'Premier High level Govt. Training Institute for Training
to Chairmans, Bord of Directors and CEO's of Credit Societies.

d) Prepared a syllabus for Diploma Course for entry level Staff of Credit Societies.

e) Prepared a syllabus for Diploma Course for Officer level Staff of Credit Societies.

For more details visit the followin link :-
National Association of Co-op Credit Societes & Federation