In 1991 Founded Mahaveer Education Society aiming education with low cost to remote area pupil and many other activities for social upliftment.

In 1993 started Mahaveer English School at Surve Nagar, Kolhapur. and Blossom Play School at Surve Nagar Kolhapur.

In 1995 started Padmashree Dr. G. G. Jadhv Highschool for Kerli, Jotiba & Rajaputwadi, Kerle, Nigave, etc. villages.

In 2000 started Sahyadri Sports Academy, Survenagar & Shatrunjay Vidyalya (Primary) at post Kerli.

In both Kerli Schools we provide FREE OF COST education supply uniform,library books, computer lab, science lab, etc. facilities.

In 2003 started Bhakti Puja English Medium School at Bhaktipuja Nagar,Kolhapur. started Bhakti English School at Kerli. Dnyanasagar Granthalaya at kolhapur. Dnyanasampada Granthalaya at Kerli.

Special Features
Education according to child psychology norms.
Availability of language lab - 1st in kolhapur.
Parent Library named "Dnyanasagar Granthalaya" is the unique feature in kolhapur district
Use of Audo-visual lab for teaching learing process was the 1st Pioneer in kolhapur.
Learing through "Excurision & Visit" was the 1st Pioneer idea of the school.

First Digital classroom concept in School Education
Started college of education for Teachers
Running Sports Academy and
Computer Institute for students v

President Kolhapur District English Medium School Fedretion
Apex body of 270 English Medium Schools of Kolhapur District

Goverment of India(Ministry of Enviorment & Forest)appointed as
Govt.nominee on following Educational institute as a member for approving
research projects, sanction & inspection

Shivaji University, Kolhapur(M.S.)
P.K.V. Agri University, Akola(M.S.)
Marathwada Agri University, Parbhani(M.S.)
Govt. Medical College, Miraj(M.S.)
Govt. Pharmacy College, Karad(M.S.)
Krisna Medical College, Karad(M.S.)

State President & National Executive Member
Fedretion of Jain Educational Institute
Apex body of 2700 Education Institute Run by Jain Community Across the India.
Running School, Collegs, Hostels, Medical & Engineering Colleges

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